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Our Mission/Vision

The vision of the Armstrong Elementary School Counseling Program is that all students will have equal opportunities where they excel in academic success, social-emotional growth, and college and career ready skills in high school and beyond. Our students reach their fullest educational potential by developing positive social skills, achieving academic rigor that , and becoming life long learners. The students at Armstrong Elementary are prepared to be 21st century leaders in our ever-changing world and contribute to positive change in our society. 

The mission of Armstrong Elementary School Counseling Program is to provide ALL students with equitable access to a comprehensive school counseling program that supports social and emotional, academic, college and career development through a multi-tiered multi-domain systems of support approach. School counselors will use data to identify student needs and support the mastery of the mindsets and behavior student standards. School counselors will advocate for all student's needs through partnership and collaboration with parents, educators and community stakeholders to ensure the academic and developmental success of all students. The Armstrong Elementary school counseling program will create a school culture where we advocate empathy, respect, diversity, and equality to all students. School counselors will empower students to reach their full potential and flourish as responsible productive citizens in their communities.